Are you having difficulty in smiling because of crooked teeth, or gaps in between the teeth? The obvious solution; an orthodontic treatment and that brings the fear of braces. What if, we say your teeth could be treated without braces? Wondering how? The answer is V- clear aligners which not only helps in regaining your beautiful smile, but its transparent body also never lets you go low on confidence.


The brackets treatment will cause pain, slurred speech, tightness, discomfort, tension and unaesthetic look. There will be problems in swallowing and also irritation and soreness resulting in ulceration of the intra- oral soft tissues, leading to the hampering of daily activities, thus its an oral constraint. Because of unaesthetic appearance the patients get nervous and self-conscious during speech, resulting in hampering of mingling with peers and society. As speech is impaired, the presentation is impaired, lessening the confidence levels. Due to discomfort, the food intake is lessened. There will be issues of sensitivity to hot, cold and sweets. Due to brackets sharp edges there will be constant irritation resulting increase of discomfort levels. The oral hygiene maintenance is difficult in the use of braces, and as a result will lead to gingival and periodontal problems. This will in turn result in mobility of teeth and root resorption etc., hampering and delaying your orthodontic treatment with braces. To reduce the pain, as it is inevitable, medication has to be taken. Hence there is an overall impairment of functional and psychological trauma to the patients. To overcome these problems, with latest advanced technology, the V aligners are now available. The disadvantages of brackets are minimized and the frequency of visits is decreased.


Today we are in the digital era, where orthodontics is evolving at a rapid pace. Aligners as a recent advancement has become modern means. But what about the advantages over the braces. The main advantage is the aesthetics, where you need not put on the brackets on the teeth. Unless observed keenly, no one can really appreciate that you are actually undergoing the treatment. As it is a removable device, oral hygiene maintenance is not really a problem. But it is important to wear it for 20 hours per day, and only be removed during brushing and taking your food. Unlike braces the speech will not be altered, easily you get adapted to our V-Clear Aligners .There will be no irritation to your lips and buccal mucosa. In treatment with brackets, almost all the teeth are involved, where forces influence them directly or indirectly, but with V- aligners selective application of forces are applied on individual teeth based upon the requirement. With brackets there is chance of debonding but here the treatment, mainly depends upon the duration of time you wear the aligners.So the delay of treatment with debonding is minimized in our V-aligners and the treatment will be completed smoothly. The visit with treatment with brackets is every 3 weeks and if debonded your brackets, the frequency of visits increases. But with aligners the number of visits varies around 6 weeks. The Visits is decreased means the time is being saved. In this busy world time is precious.


So what is an aligner? Aligners are a biocompatible splint like materials which are manufactured under the guidance of a specialist, based upon your treatment plan, by using the advanced CAD-CAM technique, i.e nothing but the combination of the dental and engineering field. But, earlier, the modality of treatment were brackets, which are having many disadvantages. To overcome this problem, we introduce the V-aligners. So,the future of orthodontics is focused around the aesthetic mode of treatment, where on wearing the aligners, it doesn’t appear that you are actually undergoing any orthodontic treatment. Isn’t that wonderful. So, any age group, any profession like doctors, marketing executives, software professionals, anchors, models. Public figures, page 3 persons, reporters, students, teachers and the teenagers who are getting married but don’t want the brackets look, NRI’s, whatever the profession, what ever the malocclusion, the best solution is V-aligners. Because there is no wearing of brackets, the visits to the dentist is minimized and the quality and expensive treatment overseas is available here with best quality and affordable cost, preventing long waitlist under the guidance of specialist. So you can happily wear the V-aligners and no one can even guess that you are actually undergoing the treatment and your smile is becoming viral day by day creating a new level of confidence in you.


The main advantages of the V-Clear Aligners is firstly it is small, simple and comfortable to the patient because of the flexibility of the materials adding to the substantially of the patient. The cumbersome process of impression taking and bonding is eliminated. It is aesthetic and good oral hygiene can be maintained. The patient virtual treatment plan can be viewed before the actual treatment plan is implemented. Due to maintenance of good oral hygiene, there is reduced risk of cavities and periodontal problems. Without the aid of an orthodontist or a specialist’s help you can wear and remove the appliance. With advanced technology the duration of treatment is decreased.The V-aligners can also be used in cases where the tooth roots are small, which is not possible with brackets. Because of the simplicity of the V-aligner there is no impairment of speech, no difficulty in chewing and swallowing, no need to be self-conscious and nervous. The pain, tightness and discomfort caused by the standard braces is eliminated in the V-aligners. The soreness, irritation and ulceration caused by the braces in lip, cheek and tongue is totally absent in the treatment with V-aligners.So, V clear aligners is indeed a less obtrusive technique and affordable. Thus, with the emerging new paradigm and with so many advantages, what you are thinking of? Just start your treatment with V- aligners and live lively and smile lively.Your smile is your identity and contagious.


V-Clear Aligners are the modern means of treatment with a biocompatible material and latest technology. During the regular orthodontic treatment with braces, the procedure is prolonged with impressions taking and bonding, which involves cumbersome process. All these steps are minimized saving time for both, dentist and the patient. In V-aligners, there is advanced technology using CAD-CAM. The latest intra-oral scanners are used to record your impressions with high precision, by which the total record of your malalignment will be produced and models will be generated in the system software. The treatment plan will be designed by the specialist and the main advantage with our V-aligners is we can appreciate the changes of tooth movement and the patient will be having better understanding regarding the treatment plan. The aligners will then be fabricated according to treatment plan and will be sent. For every two weeks a new set has to be worn and the actual visits to the doctor is decreased, saving the time of waiting.