Company Profile

V-Clear Aligners is a global medical device company with industry-leading innovative products such as clear aligners, We have globally proved equipment like medit Intraoral scanners, and Ortho CAD Software digital services that help dental professionals achieve the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients. Clear Aligners has always set the bar for leadership and change in our industry by constantly innovating to bring new and better solutions to doctors and their patients. V Clear Aligners are in digitization. Orthodontic treatment methods in future will no longer be based on a plaster impression but rather on 3D STL files. Accordingly, all downstream processes from treatment planning to printing models and fabricating orthodontic appliances will be integrated as part of a digital workflow. We at V-Clear aim to be your partner for digital orthodontic systems – a partner you can trust and rely on for customized and comprehensive solutions and expert support from the initial steps to full digital implementation. A highly experienced team of orthodontists, dental technicians and IT experts is at our side, ready to guide you through the complexity of the numerous digital applications and create value for your business, enhanced efficiency for your practice and a better quality of life for you and your patients. Our vision is to play an important part in helping people across the world to have healthy teeth and wear an attractive smile


To stand as a World's most advanced digital orthodontic treatment system. Precise, predictable, and gradual teeth movement., in global market and to forecast our global presence.


To create unique and illustrious locale in global market to provide Clear Aligners to Patients and preeminent practices, top notch solutions and peerless support services across the Hospital industry.


Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced dentists. Working with each other and with our employees globally, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our patients, healthcare providers, employees and communities around the globe.

What are V-clear aligners?

V-Clear Aligners are orthodontic appliances that are clear, transparent and comfortable to the patient friendly which functions similar to dental braces to adjust your irregular teeth. V-Clear Aligners with treatment experts in dental care, cutting-edge engineering expertise and benchmark production will customize series of removable appliances specially for you. So,there will be no traces,no injuries,no discomfort and no pain with superior quality of treatment.

Difference Between V-Clear Aligners and Metal Braces


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